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Mark Lynch

Year of birth - 1951

First published in - The Australian newspaper, The Sun Herald, The Courier mail,vThe Financial review, The Bulletin, and Playboy.

Year first published - 1981

Cartoons published in - National/international newspapers,magazines and books.

Awards - Australian single gag cartoonist of the year 2000, Cartoon of the year 1990 and 1997, 36 other national and international awards.

Books illustrated - Authored - Rugby Shorts, Can't you bastards read? Just another Bicentanary, How Green is my planet? How Green is my Planet #2, The Grin Bin, and Smile 2009.

Location - Australia

Hobbies - Surfing, Rugby

Specific expertise - Single gag, editorial, political, comic strip, aircraft, cabin crew manuals, book illustration.

Professional projects - Logos, Powerpoint presentations, newspaper ads, comic strips.

Gag Cartoon

Mark Lynch Gag Cartoon Cartoon ExampleMark Lynch Gag Cartoon Cartoon ExampleMark Lynch Gag Cartoon Cartoon Example

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