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Jack Corbett

Training - Self-taught art but have a social science degree.

First published in - San Jose Mercury-Press

Year first published - 1972

Cartoons published in - WSJ, SEP, Spectator, Harvard Business Review, Z, UAW publications, Corttland Forum, Parkhurst Exchange' and 100s more magazines, books, newsletters. . .

Exhibitions - London, Rome, Frankfort, Belgrade, NYC, Bostor, New Haven, and Coos Bay.

Awards - Several honorable mentions.

Books illustrated - Several science, social science, religious, and humor books.

Location - Salem, OR USA

Hobbies - Natural history, birding, poker, and genealogy.

Specific expertise - Gag cartoons, political/ current events, T-shirt design.

Professional projects - Who's That Yoohooing In My Jungle? (book), and numerious designs for T - shirts.

Gag Cartoon

Jack Corbett Gag Cartoon Cartoon ExampleJack Corbett Gag Cartoon Cartoon ExampleJack Corbett Gag Cartoon Cartoon Example

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