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Chris Slane

Year of birth - 1957

Training - Bachelor Of Town Planning.

First published in - NZ Listener

Year first published - 1982

Cartoons published in - NZ Listener, Metro ( Auckland NZ ), North & South, NZ Herald, Comics Journal (US), Walkleys Magazine ( Australia ).

Exhibitions - Old Government House, Auckland, NZ.

Awards - Qantas Cartoonist Of The Year award x3. Qantas Editorial Graphics Artist Award twice.

Books illustrated - Maui: Legends Of The Outcast Jamestown. Billy T. James Real Hard Case. BookSheep. Thrills. Let me Through, I have A Morbid Curiosity.

Location - Auckland, New Zealand.

Hobbies - Mountain biking.

Specific expertise - Privacy, politics, general, storyboards, illustration.

Gag Cartoon

Chris Slane Gag Cartoon Cartoon ExampleChris Slane Gag Cartoon Cartoon ExampleChris Slane Gag Cartoon Cartoon Example

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