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Mikola Vorontsov

Year of birth - 1959

First published in - Leningradskie Yskri.

Year first published - 1985

Cartoons published in - Chas-Pik, Itogi, Komsomlskaya Pravda.

Exhibitions - 1997 – Small Proud Birdies, 1998 – Russian Elephant Africanych, 2001 – Cats.

Awards - International cartoon contests in Belgium, Japan, Turkey, Bulgary, Estonia, Lithuania & Russia. 1995/6 – Russian award, Art of book for the book. 2003 – Man of the Book Award (nomination) for illustrator/art-director for 'Samon & Roberto'.

Books illustrated - Fairy tales & poems by Daniil Harms; Curious Munchausen; Small Proud Birdies; Russian Vodka; Samson & Roberto series by Ingvar Ambjørnsen; Neanderthal Boy series by Luciano Malmusi; Dwooler by Igor Alimov; Little Wolf series by Ian Whybrow; Prankste.

Location - Russia

Hobbies - Basketball.

Gag Cartoon

Mikola Vorontsov Gag Cartoon Cartoon ExampleMikola Vorontsov Gag Cartoon Cartoon ExampleMikola Vorontsov Gag Cartoon Cartoon Example

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