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John DeAngelis

Year of birth - 1961

Training - Drawing all forms of media starting at age 3.

First published in - 1991

Year first published - 1991

Cartoons published in - Various newspapers in New England, Arizona and California. Xerox Corp in New York has published my cartoon calendars for 2013.

Exhibitions - Book signings, TV shows, Talk radio shows, etc.

Awards - 1st place awards at various art exhibits over the years.

Books illustrated - Not a lot of time for it. But have some current children's books pending.

Location - USA

Hobbies - Physical fitness. Cycling, self education and thought developement. Inventing, designing products for my companies. My Grand children. caring for fellow human beings as much as possible, friends, family, strangers. etc. The real meaning of life, real life

Specific expertise - Keeping my mouth shut, and listening to people who are smarter than me.

Professional projects - Comic strip and cartoon panel writing and illustration, etc.

Gag Cartoon

John DeAngelis Gag Cartoon Cartoon ExampleJohn DeAngelis Gag Cartoon Cartoon ExampleJohn DeAngelis Gag Cartoon Cartoon Example

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