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Matt Bissett-Johnson

Year of birth - 1971

Training - Bachelor of Arts in Sculpture (RMIT).

First published in - The Bride, a small music magazine where he drew a regular comic strip about a bad musician until the magazine folded.

Year first published - 1988

Cartoons published in - The Melbourne Observer, The Dandenong and District Journal, The Chaser Magazine, The Warrandyte Diary. TV animation appearances: Recovery, Backberner, The Arts Show.

Exhibitions - Recently held an exhibition of paintings at the Gardner Gallery in Richmond, Victoria, Australia.The paintings were fairly humorous and on an Evolution / Natural history theme.

Books illustrated - Educational and childrens books: Justice, Money and Markets (An economics text book), The Zany Reader and kids' magazines such as Challenge and Explore.

Location - Melbourne, Australia

Hobbies - Playing electric guitar, writing and recording weird but amusing songs on his PC, plus messing around with PCs in general. Reading popular science books and then boring people silly about them at the pub. Sketching and drawing unusual things.

Specific expertise - Animation, both 2-d and 3-d, making home made sound effects, sequencing and playing soundtracks on guitar. Writing gags of course. Script writing. Drawing weird pictures.

Gag Cartoon

Matt Bissett-Johnson Gag Cartoon Cartoon ExampleMatt Bissett-Johnson Gag Cartoon Cartoon ExampleMatt Bissett-Johnson Gag Cartoon Cartoon Example

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