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3D Animation

Our 3D Animators are carving their way to a future using the best computer graphics around. Top of their game, our animators work can been seen in the latest animated blockbuster movies and computers games. All our 3D animators are proficient and up to date with the latest 3D computer programs, specialising in computer modeling, rendering and stunning visual effects. Click on the videos below to see for yourself.

Van der haeghe Alexis - 3D Animation

Alexis, Van der haeghe

Uri Alonim - 3D Animation

Alonim, Uri

Dan Blacker - 3D Animation

Blacker, Dan

Jan Cilliers de wet - 3D Animation

Cilliers de Wet, Jan

Mark Davies - 3D Animation

Davies, Mark

Pierre Drysdale - 3D Animation

Drysdale, Pierre

Carlos Gonzalez - 3D Animation

Gonzalez, Carlos

Anthony Gregory - 3D Animation

Gregory, Anthony

Harish Krishnamurthy - 3D Animation

Krishnamurthy, Harish

Ales Mav - 3D Animation

Mav, Ales

Meechy - 3D Animation

Meechy -Meech, Matt-

Ronnie Sapinoso - 3D Animation

Sapinoso, Ronnie

Mike Shiell - 3D Animation

Shiell, Mike

Daniel Tynan - 3D Animation

Tynan, Daniel