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Draughtsman Gag Cartoon Style

CartoonStock's core business was founded on licensing and representing the best freelance gag cartoonists in the business. Artists working for the finest North American and UK newspaper, magazine, book and greeting card publishers including, The New Yorker, Harvard Business Review, Private Eye, Reader's Digest, The Times, Chicken Soup for the Soul, National Lampoon and many more. To hire one of our artists for your project simply start clicking below or call us and we can take it from there.

Bill Abbott Gag Cartoon

Abbott, Bill

Ferdie Aberin Gag Cartoon

Aberin, Ferdie

Chris Altham Gag Cartoon

Altham, Chris

Ivan Anchoukov Gag Cartoon

Anchuokov, Ivan

Stefano Baratti Gag Cartoon

Baratti, Stefano

Les Barton Gag Cartoon

Barton, Les

Simon Bond Gag Cartoon

Bond, Simon

Jonathan Brown Gag Cartoon

Brown, Jonathan

Andy Davey Gag Cartoon

Davey, Andy

Simon Ellinas Gag Cartoon

Ellinas, Simon

Fist Gag Cartoon


Clive Goddard Gag Cartoon

Goddard, Clive

Scott Griffiths  Gag Cartoon

Griffiths, Scott

Tony Hall Gag Cartoon

Hall, Tony

Jonny Hawkins Gag Cartoon

Hawkins, Jonny

George Jartos Gag Cartoon

Jartos, George

Mark Lynch Gag Cartoon

Lynch, Mark

Glen McDonall Gag Cartoon

McDonall, Glen

Randy McIlwaine Gag Cartoon

McIlwaine, Randall

Ed McLachlan  Gag Cartoon

McLachlan, Ed

Mikola Vorontsov Gag Cartoon

Mikola -Vorontsov-

Mark Milligan Gag Cartoon

Milligan, Mark

Charlie Moore Gag Cartoon

Moore, Charlie

David Myers Gag Cartoon

Myers, David

Kjell Nilsson-Maki Gag Cartoon

Nilsson-Maki, Kjell

Oliver Preston Gag Cartoon

Preston, Oliver

Bryan Reading Gag Cartoon

Reading, Bryan

Henrik Rehr Gag Cartoon

Rehr, Henrik

Dan Rosandich  Gag Cartoon

Rosandich, Dan

Srdjan Stamenkovic Gag Cartoon

Stamenkovic, Srdjan

Adrian Teal Gag Cartoon

Teal, Adrian

Bill and Bob Thomas Gag Cartoon

Thomas Bros.

Dan Thompson Gag Cartoon

Thompson, Dan

Piero Tonin Gag Cartoon

Tonin, Piero

Mike Williams Gag Cartoon

Williams, Mike

Gag Cartoon sub-categories:
Colour Strip Illustration Silent Punch Tabloid Quick Draughtsman Crosshatch Wash Greyscale Quirky